FTIR Analysis

FTIR Analysis

Infrared spectroscopy to identify the components of raw, blended, and finished products


What is FTIR?

FTIR spectroscopy is an excellent analytical chemistry technique for identifying the individual components of a solid or liquid sample. In FTIR, a sample is irradiated with an infrared (IR) laser beam and the resulting transmission spectrum is compared to an extensive reference library of known spectra to determine what the sample contains.

Applications of FTIR

Our FTIR instrumentation is especially efficient for analyzing product formulations, both in speed and application. With FTIR, you’ll be able to find out characteristics about a sample’s ingredients and identify them, regardless of whether they are volatile or nonvolatile materials. Because FTIR can be applied to a range of applications and be operated quickly, it’s often the method of choice for clients who want to perform product research and development, routine quality control testing, and competitive analysis.

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  • Product deformulation
  • Identification of unknown materials
  • Raw material verification
  • Screening finished products for expected ingredients and additives
  • Identification of contaminants and impurities

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