Laboratory Equipment

Lab Equipment

Get the exact data you need on your products and materials with LTS chemical testing.


LTS offers full-service consulting and chemical testing services tailored to your testing needs. Whether you want to verify your manufacturing pipeline or identify the ingredients in a mystery blend, we’ll help you choose from our extensive menu of analytical chemistry methods to get you the information you need. GMP-compliant testing is also available if needed.
A sample of LTS’s featured lab equipment is listed below:

HPLC Testing

HPLC Analysis

Separate, identify, and quantify semi- and nonvolatile ingredients in any given sample you need tested.

ICP-MS Testing

ICP-MS Analysis

Harness ultra-trace elemental analysis techniques especially critical for testing heavy metal impurities.

GC-MS Testing

GC-MS and GC-FID Analysis

Analyze volatile ingredients like fatty acids and residual solvents with gas chromatography testing.

FTIR Testing

FTIR Analysis

Identify the composition of raw, blended, and unknown materials for quality control testing and R&D.

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