Custom Chemical Testing

LTS Custom Chemical Testing

Harness the power of a full chemistry lab to make decisions with ease.


Welcome to your chemistry laboratory.

LTS offers rapid contract laboratory testing services to make accessing instrumentation as easy as walking into a different room in your facility. Quickly develop new products, identify mystery ingredients in your competitors’ formulations, and discover unintentional manufacturing oversights with full-service chemical testing by LTS labs.

Tap into a full catalogue of methods.

LTS specialists will work with you to understand your specific testing needs and support you with consultation services and lab instrumentation that is tailored to you. We use methods written by AOAC, AOCS, GOED, and other similar organizations to ensure every result you receive is verifiable and top-quality, always.

Get your data faster than ever before.

LTS is fully-optimized to get you your data faster than any of the leading competitors can. With turnaround times as short as one week, you’ll be making important changes to your formulation, releasing your new product to market, and cementing the loyalty of your customers faster than ever before.

 What can you do with custom testing?

  • R&D – Product research and development
  • Product deformulation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Identification of unknown materials
  • Specialized quality control testing
  • Innovative product formulation

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