Dietary Supplement Certifications

LTS Certification Programs

Showcase your brand’s credibility with the testing service your customers trust.


Stale and unfamiliar third party certifications are a dime a dozen. Instead, choose LTS for our proven track record of building consumer trust. More than 5 million consumers view our lab results on over 800 products every year, and thousands engage with us daily to inform their purchasing decisions. Get started with LTS Certification Programs now.

Tested for Sport

Certify your products to be free of WADA banned substances, and earn the trust of athletes worldwide with the Labdoor Tested for Sport seal.

How it works:

We’ll test your products in FDA-registered labs for 200+ substances listed as banned from sport in WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Agency) annual Prohibited Lists. With continued testing of your products’ lots, you’ll receive access to Labdoor’s Tested for Sport seal to use on product packaging, in online marketing, and in stores with your partner retailers.

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